We Caught Up With Rising Star Allegra

Riding high after the success of her debut single 'All About Us' we caught up with the talented Allegra to get the scoop on whether we'll be able to hear new music from her anytime soon and her dream venue to perform in.

Hi Allegra! So in 2019 you released your debut single ‘All About Us’, what else have you been up to this year?

Well it’s all been very exciting year so far and I have been working on some new material. I hope to be releasing my second single this year, which I love, and I am also working on other things for my YouTube channel..... so watch out !!

Are we going to be able to hear new music from you anytime soon…?

I have just finished recording the acoustic version to my second single last weekend and also some cover songs. So I have been working very hard with my team on realising lots of music soon !

How has your song writing developed as you have grown and evolved as a musician?

At a young age I always played around with lyrics, melodies and songs. When I would go thorough my things I sometimes find old song books from when I was just 8 Years old, it’s quite funny to see what my 8 year old self wrote!
I think that my song writing has definitely developed from a young age because I have learnt so much from my team. Sometimes I would just go to the piano, pick some chords and words would just flow out of my mouth. I always have to record myself otherwise I would forget all the lyrics!!

What is your favourite memory from the process of filming your music video?

My favourite memory was just being surrounded by such amazing people ! I have never had so much attention on myself, it was a bit overwhelming but it was such a fun atmosphere!
I remember when we were filming by a primary school and all the children ran to the gates asking lots of questions, it made me feel so important hah.

Are you hoping to go on tour at some point in the future?

A dream of mine is to go on tour sometime in the future, I would love it, and who says it couldn’t happen...! I have realised a music video and now I believe that anything could happen !! Never in my wildest dreams have I ever thought that I could have such support from everyone!

Do you find it easier to write the melody or the lyrics to a track first?

I find it easier to come up with the melody first and then the lyrics.

Which artist can you not stop listening to at the moment and why?

I am loving Anne-Marie’s music at the moment. Her music is just getting me into the summer vibes and it makes me so excited !

Which country / venue would you like most like to perform in why?

I mean I would love to travel and explore other country’s but I would love to perform in my home city, London. I mean the BIG dream is to perform at Wembley or O2 but we will see....

Check out Allegra's new music video below, and stay tuned to see what this talented young artist gets up to next...

Written by Harry Jameson

Music and Entertainment Journalist



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