Live Review, Rachael Sage @ The Green Note

Taking to the dimly lit basement of the Green Note in Camden, New York based singer, songwriter and producer Rachael Sage brought the acoustic sounds of recent record release ‘PseudoMyopia’ to a cosy and comforting live setting.

Before taking to the basement of the London date on Rachael Sage’s ‘PseudoMyopia’ tour, an immediate sense of familiarity is felt. Every detail from Sage’s stage set up with fairy lights and delicate fabrics draping around mic stands down to the small capacity of people waiting for the singers performance to start made everyone in the room at ease.

Showcasing the songs of ‘Myopia’ tracks ‘Alive’, ‘Spark’ and title track ‘Myopia’ provided an upbeat turnaround from previous downtempo ballads. With lyrical messages of hope and optimism for the future these themes shone through into Rachael’s vocals, both elegantly smooth and radiant sounding.

Not forgetting older classics and ‘Big Star’ is full to the brim of both acoustic guitars and tambourines, taking Sage’s dexterity for playing multiple instruments to the next level. Effortlessly flickering between guitar strumming and tambourine tapping on top of Rachael singing about the short enjoyment of stardom, only to be ruined by the long suffering of the downsides to fame.

Back onto the ballads and ‘Bravery’s on Fire’ and ‘Haunted By Objects’ closed off Rachael Sage’s set. Stunning violins courtesy of Kelly Halloran, melodic chords of the keyboard and rhythmic clicking and clapping by Rachael herself combined to finish off the evening on a truly breath taking note.

Entrancing, captivating and charismatic, this evening with Rachael Sage showed why she is a truly talented artist. Her natural ability to work a small room with stunning vocals and extraordinary instrumentals, not forgetting Sage’s bubbly personality between multiple outfit changes and beautiful poetic readings made this gig one to remember for all the right reasons.

Written by Harry Jameson

Music and Entertainment Journalist



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