Italian singer/songwriter Giulia has dropped the music video to accompany her newest single ‘Trippin’ Out’.
Giulia releases Interstellar New Music Video

As a track ‘Trippin’ Out’ takes all the best elements of Giulia as an artist. Fusing together her quintessential sound of catchy synth-pop alongside the singers mesmerising vocals. Starting off the track takes a more laid back approach by comparison to some of Giulia’s previous material, as the tempo is of a notably slower pace this gives room for a bold drum pattern and scattering of synthesisers to take their place. Moving into an almighty chorus the lyrics express the songs message of being a totally free spirit and having a sense of fun, most definitely inspired by the bold and bright single artwork designed by artist Phillip Castle.

The music video itself is colourful and enigmatic. Giulia begins her journey throughout a neon space galaxy as she flies through floating planets on an expedition that takes Giulia out of her comfort zone, as she ascends high into the nights sky. Cutting to close up shots of the singer-songwriter whose face is now decorated with splatters of UV paint which glows amongst the darkness of the music video, this moment is the perfect metaphor for Giulia to express herself visually without the worries of other people’s opinions holding her back.

Check out the brand new video below.

Written by Harry Jameson

Music and Entertainment Journalist



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