Dante HH “Motorhound”


At first it isn’t easy to grasp everything about “Motorhound” by Dante HH (Hell Hounds), but after a few outings I was on board and putting it on the playlist. It wasn’t until I realized it is a type of Lemmy tribute song, as I almost thought it was Motorhead for a second. I was astounded because I hadn’t heard it and I thought I knew some of the lyrics. Well, that is how Dante HH do it on this very good but probably easy to misunderstand single. And that is not a bad factor because it creates some mystery if the listener hits play before they know what it’s all about.

Dante HH are originally from Colombia made up of Kami Rayne on vocals, Alexx Black on rhythm guitar, Gonzo on lead guitar, Andy Summers III on drums, and Keisuke Motoki on upright bass. These players all lock in together for some tasty hard rocking musicianship, not of the un-musical variety. There is plenty of glorious melody in the thrashing about on this, which can simply be heard by listening carefully to how they combine their own sound with the Motorhead sound, showing the distinct differences between them without hurting the overall values of a cut like this.

This single also comes with the luxury of an online poker player game, a wink to Lemmy's passion for electronic card games that he would indulge in when not on tour. This is a very cool bonus anyone can relate to if they’re a fan of all that is Lemmy. You know the Ace is your card when it comes down to it, because it was Lemmy’s card. But that’s no different than the mention of “Jack and Coke” as well as other Motorhead nomenclatures anything like this wouldn’t be complete without.


Just like with almost any Motorhead track, they get right into-it and never let-up till an abrupt ending, the way Lemmy always insisted most Motorhead songs be structured. But there’s also no mistaking Dante HH in-the midst of it all if you’re already ware of this band. If you aren’t it’s worth checking them out as far back as 2011 with everything from videos and comic books to writing and other forms of art to express themselves. This is all in order to do myself as well, which I plan to and then some, as I’m of the opinion you can never get too much music.

“Motorhound” cooks very hard with some excellent vocals which change up about half-way through and get much more-grungy in the vein of Lemmy himself. You get both singers in one here and that is not all, you also get a bone crushing hard rock and heavy metal exercise like only Motorhead used to produce. It makes a clear statement for Lemmy but just as clear a statement doe Dante HH. What more can you ask for besides that and the enjoyment of countless plays of an original anthem in its own-right as they managed to catch two rocking birds with one stone.

Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

We do music reviews for Independent Artists and Publicists.



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