3Angle and Alton “I Don’t Want Nobody”


In the new collaborative effort between 3Angle and Alton, “I Don’t Want Nobody,” raw sexuality meets unwaveringly strong, rhythmic beats in a dance track that appeals to pop fans as much as it does club-goers. Right from the jump, we’re hit with a stellar vocal harmony that spellbinds us amidst a sparkling instrumental backdrop. The synthetic melodies beneath the bassline slowly but surely take over the entire show in “I Don’t Want Nobody,” and by the time that we reach the finish line in this incredible new single, they’ll have told us a more detailed story than words alone ever could have. 3Angle are at the top of their game here, and they’ve found an excellent voice in the masterfully talented Alton.

Alton’s harmonies are as physical a presence as the bassline is, which is saying a lot when we isolate the different components and appreciate just how massive a contribution the low-end tonality makes to this track. It’s obvious that a meticulous hand guided the production here, and if you ask me, 3Angle’s contemporaries on the American side of the Atlantic could stand to learn a thing or two from their keen attention to detail. I haven’t heard a single track bearing their moniker that didn’t play out like a well-oiled machine, and from where I sit, this is some of their most refined and well-rounded material to see widespread release thus far. Physicality is a key ingredient in their recipe for success, and it’s available to us in spades in “I Don’t Want Nobody.”


This master mix doesn’t put a whole lot of emphasis on the percussion, but it really doesn’t need to; frankly, I think that there’s enough of a rhythmic push from the melodic instrumentation to totally compensate for the lack of heavy drumming. When you’ve got a beat that is spindly yet slicker than wet ice, you don’t have to augment it with a lot of fanciful percussive textures, and in the case of “I Don’t Want Nobody,” I think that 3Angle were wise to leave it just the way they did. They show off a lot of creative self-control in this piece, which again, is something that the American underground could benefit a lot from in their own output moving forward.

I love where these two powerhouses are taking their sound, and I think there’s a strong possibility that “I Don’t Want Nobody” could go a long way towards establishing both 3Angle and Alton’s brands outside of the European market. They have some smashing chemistry in this single, and having stirred up about as much buzz as two independent entities can in the Italian scene that they call their own, I think that the next chapter of their careers lies abroad. It’s hard to picture the momentum that they’ve got behind them slowing down anytime soon, and if “I Don’t Want Nobody” manages to get into steady rotation on commercial radio in addition to the club circuit, it’s going to be tough for even the most agile of their competitors to keep up with them.


Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

We do music reviews for Independent Artists and Publicists.



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