Giovanna Returns With Hard Hitting New Music Video.
New music video ‘Young Heart Player’ is the latest instalment from London based artist Giovanna

New music video ‘Young Heart Player’ is the latest instalment from London based artist Giovanna. The video which accompanies her recent single displays the alt pop singers experience with film scoring, as the music video is a cinematic journey into the emotions Giovanna expresses within the song’s lyrics.

‘Young Heart Player’ as a song is a daring alt-pop track that takes the best elements from this merging of genres, such as highly infectious choruses and synth driven instrumentals. Produced by Liam Howe whose responsible for tracks behind successful female powerhouses including Ellie Goulding, Lana Del Ray and Marina & The Diamonds. However, on ‘Young Heart Player’ Giovanna’s vocal identity is unique as she courageously sings lyrics that address coming of age experiences, everything from heartbreak to handling relationships when they turn sour.

The music video itself gives Giovanna the time to bring out her film scoring roots, with the singer formerly composing scores for films such as RISK which won Best Film at The Portobello Film Festival. Her talented ability to be able to capture her thoughts, feelings and emotions in the form of a visual sees the video incorporates the art of dance in order to display the raw emotions as expressed in ‘Young heart Player’.

Written by Harry Jameson

Music and Entertainment Journalist



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