President Street Return With Emotional Anthem
President Street Release Heart-breaking Track ‘Can’t Go On’

Laying their emotions bare for all to see, Australian Pop Fusion group President Street pour their hearts out in latest release ‘Can’t Go On’. Carving the way for powerful vocals and poignant lyrics, this new instalment of music sees the group put forward their most raw and honest release to date.

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia and fronted by members Pete and Ruby, President Street have built an emotional connection to music ever since the collectives formation many years ago. Both in their stylistically elusive sound and passionate songwriting, President Street have a unique musical flair for curating music that connects deeply to their dedicated supporters they have built over the course of their impressive career, all the way up until present release ‘Can’t Go On’.

‘Can’t Go On’ is a song about the slow progressive breakdown of a relationship, a common theme many individuals have the emotional connection to be able to relate to. Hurt and heartbreak sum up the sentiment of the song with the lyrics sung seamlessly by Ruby portraying these intense feelings in the rawest of ways, with Ruby’s moving tone injecting the much needed emotional passion the song needs to match that of the lyrics.

With the latest release of ‘Can’t Go On’ under their belts, President Street’s future career is looking promising. With the collective having just embarked on a UK tour and with brand new music being recorded, get ready to hear a lot more from this pop fusion collective.

Written by Harry Jameson

Music and Entertainment Journalist



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