“Twisted” by Giadora

Los Angeles’ Giadora has come to this moment the old fashioned way. Her debut release “Twisted” is the result of pre-teen and teenage years learning her craft as a performer, songwriter, and vocalist, scores of live appearances in the Los Angeles area, and untold days and nights alone when she jettisoned the typical good times and endless sunshine of youth in favor of holing herself up in a room or studio trying to perfect her art. She isn’t content with turning out an entertaining pop tune and nothing more. Instead, she treats “Twisted” as a chance to, yes, get bodies moving, but likewise as an opportunity to reveal something of herself and experiences to a waiting audience. Few listeners will deny her talents and success in doing so.


She has real presence from the first time she comes into the track. There’s a mix of the grit and grace flowing through her voice and, at key points, she manages to bring both attributes together with stirring results. You hear this most in the song’s chorus. The dark subject matter of the song requires more gravitas than gentleness, however, and Giadora unleashes some of the song’s more pointed lines in such a way the subject of the track, if they are listening, might wither and flinch. I’m not used to hearing such adult subject matter melded with this musical style, but the dance pop affectations of this single are a good match for the lyric as it sweetens what, cast with just piano and voice, might have been a more downbeat listening experience.

The electronic base of the single doesn’t deprive it of a human touch. Much of that comes, naturally, from Giadora’s voice and words, but the musical accompaniment has a warm fullness and immediately engages listeners when the main portion of the song takes over. She constructs the song with an ear for dramatics, but the two breaks tossed into the arrangement show her restraint as well. She doesn’t need gimmickry and post-production frills for this song to leave a mark. It is delivered in a straight forward manner that many listeners of various stripes and tastes can enjoy.

The single’s production, courtesy of UK musician and performer Viision, is sympathetic to the song’s needs. A member of the UK R&B and pop band Five Star, Viision provided Giadora with the suggestion of casting this track in a dance music design and he smartly centers the bulk of his production efforts on maximizing Giadora’s vocal skills. She stands out, certainly, but never dominates the track. This is the first of a run of singles she intends on kick starting her career and leading it off with such an invigorating single sets the stage for more to come. We will, for sure, be hearing Giadora’s voice for some time to come. She is a well rounded performer and songwriter, a blessing in the modern pop world, and possesses a maturity that far outstrips many of her peers and contemporaries. “Twisted” is just the first taste of what she can and will accomplish.


Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

We do music reviews for Independent Artists and Publicists.



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