Liz Bywater releases Slow Down to Speed Up

The conundrum of many books like this is they often point out the frustratingly obvious. We are often so hurried in our day to day lives we cannot stop long enough to survey our activities and determine fruitful courses of action. As well, insight we might think is common, i.e. carving out of our day moments where we might reflect for a few moments on the next right move before plunging headlong again into our duties, proves to be rarer than we ever suspected. Writers like Liz Bywater come along and point out what seems to be obvious and we experience “aha, of course” moments that clarify what we wish we could have verbalized all along.


Her book Slow Down to Speed Up: Lead, Succeed, and Thrive in a 24/7 World gives those in leadership or supervisory positions in a structured organization a roadmap for maximizing strategic planning and maintaining balance between thoughtful reflection and clear cut action. We often err too far in one direction at expense of the other and create obstacles for ourselves that, given a proper framework, we could altogether avoid. Bywater lays out in two straight-forward parts her ideas and suggestions for how this can be a daily reality for business teams of any size or in any field.

She draws upon a vast wealth of experience to arrive at such conclusions. Slow Down to Speed Up is replete with examples culled from corporations like Nike and Bristol-Myers Squibb that reinforce the perils and rewards alike from varying approaches and attitudes. These personal experiences are essential for Bywater to make her case to the reader. Clear and well-crafted prose grounds her argument for the approach reflected by the book’s title. It is accessible, never bogged down by jargon or lingo, and avoids any hint of self-indulgence. Bywater realizes the reader’s time is invaluable and treats them accordingly.

The exercises she provides readers for everyday use are practical and clear. There is no hocus pocus inherent to Bywater’s methodology; once again, readers will find themselves smiling wondering why they never thought of something so forward and easily practiced, but Bywater’s distance from the everyday bustle of professional lives and her extensive research and experience alike affords her the priceless latitude to see what we are too overwhelmed to notice.


None of this would be effective, in the end, if she wasn’t a fine writer. Slow Down to Speed Up lays its cards on the table without artifice or tangent and Bywater’s line by line writing streamlines its message in the briskest possible manner. Readers will never feel short-changed however. There are countless things to be gleamed from the book and not just during your initial reading – you can mine the text time and again for advice as situations deem fit. Slow Down to Speed Up will prove to be a popular title in its area of interest for some time to come and Liz Bywater deserves fulsome praise for her contributions to this subject.

Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

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