Diane Gehart releases new book - Mindfulness for Chocolate Lovers

Mindfulness for Chocolate Lovers, written by Diane Gehart, is one of the latest books dealing with the mindfulness approach to life popularized in the last decade by practitioners like Jon Kabat-Zinn, among others, and finds one of its most delineated expressions yet in Gehart’s hands. This is far from a bloated or self-indulgent work; Gehart makes strong and clear connections with readers from the outset thanks to her plain-spoken yet intelligent examination of the issues at hand. She doesn’t pull any punches with readers – she makes it clear from the beginning that you will only get out of her work what you are willing to put into it and those lacking the willingness to attempt meeting her half way are advised to spend their time doing something else. Such forthrightness makes it easy to appreciate what she is doing here.

She likewise acknowledges many readers may find her approach, emphasizing self-discovery through imagination and a sense of playfulness, corny or unbelievable. Gehart, to her credit, doesn’t mount any full throated defense of her methods. It is enough to acknowledge such naysayers are out there and she moves on. She exudes confidence throughout the entirety of Mindfulness for Chocolate Lovers that those who apply her guidance towards their daily lives will reap rewards and it ranks among the book’s most attractive qualities. One has to admire a writer will to discourse at length on the various sorts of chocolate and who finds immense significance in the simple unwrapping of a sweet confection.


The exercises she includes with the text are easy to follow and never strain belief. She likewise simplifies her approach to synthesizing mindfulness into our lives into cogent steps anyone can comprehend – there are no high flown flights of fancy powering her observations but, rather, practical measures anyone can adopt with minimal fuss. Some readers may object to the worksheets she includes with the book, but anyone committed to exploring her approach will likely find these additions quite helpful and never difficult. They ask direct questions zeroing in on the issues at hand and, like the steps she advocates, they are never obtuse or unduly complicated.

She upends myths society teaches us from an early age with understanding and clarity, never reproach, and advises taking attitudes some might find challenging to swallow – like accepting life on life’s terms, among others. Gehart realizes we are inevitably married to our preconceptions regarding life and our egos as well, but she makes the case that once we confront these self-imposed restrictions and free ourselves, we can begin the true work of discovering a lasting framework for personal happiness capable of sustaining our lives and filling us with joy.


Rarely has a work tackled life’s weightier themes with such relaxed confidence and freedom. Gehart faces down subjects fraught with meaning in every reader’s life with a smile rather than a wagging finger and it makes the experience of reading Diane R. Gehart’s Mindfulness for Chocolate Lovers a rewarding ride from beginning to end. I am impressed by this work and believe many others will be as well.

Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

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