“Invading My Space,” the new single from Reed Stewart

A soft vocal floats above a violent clatter of drums, piano and bass as we step into the alternate reality of “Invading My Space,” the new single from Reed Stewart, but as enamoring (and extreme) as these first few seconds of the song are, they’re nothing compared to the wallop of supple violence that awaits all who continue listening to this excellently experimental track. Stewart pulls out all of the stops in “Invading My Space” and constructs something that is at once supported by a faint jazz time signature and a fearless punk rock aesthetic that is even more interesting now than it was some forty years ago. It’s one of my favorite new singles, and you needn’t take more than a cursory listen to understand why.



“Invading My Space” is a song defined by its exotic tension, and while it doesn’t necessarily tread any ground that everyone from The Velvet Underground to Ox-Bow has already covered, it doesn’t have to. The beats here, when they ascend to an even point (roughly halfway through the song), are startlingly sensuous and sharp. There’s never an occasion on which the bass is protruding into the vocal’s territory, nor is there any evidence to suggest that this single was thrown together in some last ditch effort to make something that would, at the very minimum, appeal to the atmospheric/minimalist scene. There’s heart in “Invading My Space,” and if you listen closely enough, you can feel every bit of the passion that Stewart is putting into its biggest moments.


There are a few instances where it feels like the bassline is going to swallow up our speakers like some sort of otherworldly apparition, but it’s stopped dead in its tracks every time by the sweetly indifferent vocal at the forefront of this mix. Stewart hasn’t received the credit that he deserves for his singing skills, which are showcased a lot more in this song than they are in the four others bearing his moniker. He’s not quite belting it out, but the half-whispered verses that he does emit in “Invading My Space” are definitely chilling enough to leave a lasting impression on anyone within earshot – whether they’re familiar with his body of work or not. I wasn’t listening before, but I can guarantee you that I’ll be keeping tabs on him from here on out.


The most conventional element in “Invading My Space” is that it eventually comes to an end instead of circling on into the ethers for all of eternity. No matter how you look at this track, what Reed Stewart has accomplished here is undeniably some of the strongest material that he’s attached his name to since making his official debut earlier in the year. He’s producing a style of music that is as much his own as it is the product of generation after generation of experimentalism in rock n’ roll and beyond, and for the time being I would say that he’s one of the top artists in his scene to beat. Stewart has my seal of approval, but I doubt it’s the only one he’s earned lately.

Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

We do music reviews for Independent Artists and Publicists.



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