Spaces in Between, the new album from singer/songwriter Dave Vargo

Pulsating percussion that replicates a haggard heartbeat. Sterling guitar strings emitting a heavenly harmony that is just strong enough to make us forget about the world’s worries for a few minutes. A soulful singer whose only goal is personal expression, and moreover, finding a pair of ears willing to hear his story. This is Spaces in Between, the new album from singer/songwriter Dave Vargo, and whether it’s the record’s crushing numbers ala the balladic “Without a Fight,” “Battle Burns” and “Rewrites” or boldly toned folk/rock pieces in the form of “Nowhere Else,” “This Time Around,” and of course, “Someday,” there’s something here for  every listener to enjoy. Dave Vargo is at the top of his game in this LP.


This tracklist is supremely fluid, with songs like “This Moment On” spilling right into “Without a Fight” and “This Time Around” as though they were always meant to be heard as an undisturbed medley. There’s a deeper narrative being conveyed from track to track in Spaces in Between,  it has the look and feel of a straight-up concept piece. Vargo tells us a collection of stories via the music that comprises “Someday,” “In Between” and “Miles Upon You Heart,” and it’s only when we hear them played in a single sitting that we’re able to understand the big picture they’re painting for us. In an era that has essentially forsaken the self-aware singer/songwriter, Dave Vargo is resurrecting the tuneful troubadour style that defined Americana itself (once upon a time).

I’ve only just recently gotten into the music of this accomplished storyteller and musician, But, I think it’s safe to say that this won’t be the last occasion on which Dave Vargo wows me with his talents. As both a critic and a folk fan, I’m very excited to see where he goes next with this sound, and furthermore, the kind of impact it’s going to have on his peers both young and old this autumn season.

Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

We do music reviews for Independent Artists and Publicists.



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