A Chat With Kill Chicago

Kill Chicago have a careful knack for weaving heartfelt messages through boisterous rock’n’roll. Natural storytellers with a political core, this New Brunswick-based quartet has made a name for itself through electrifying live shows and an honesty that reflects their blue collar history. Their upcoming album, The Fix (releases November 8th, 2019) amplifies their dissent with relatable working class anthems, breaking the fever dream of societal expectations.


Ahead of the album, the band just released single "Moonlight" - an emotionally-driven rock track. When not performing, Greg Webber (guitar/vox) teaches music at Fredericton High, developing the next generation of artists, and the new song features 88 of his students singing backup.

Moonlight is one of my oldest songs. It was written on a stoop in Vancouver on the classical guitar I was using to get my music degree with. The song was given new life when I asked the 88 member Concert Band I direct to sing the gang vocal. Our producer Brad Perry was listening to what we had laid down for the track and said “It sounds like you’re trying to be 100 people, but you’re only 3. So unless you have access to 100 different voices at once, we need to cut that part out.” I returned a few weeks later having recorded the High School students at the end of pour last rehearsal before Christmas break. Their energy gives me goosebumps every time. 

Take a listen to 'Moonlight' and read our interview below!

Thank you for sharing some time with our readers today, what have you been up to in 2019?  

We have been working hard on completing our second album, “The Fix” and everything that comes with it such as videos and release shows, band photos and lots of lunges to stay limber. We also just approved a song to be used in a live theatre production which is a first for us.

How did you first get started with this project?

We have been playing a ton of shows since our last album “The Grey” came out in 2015. There have been several children born in that time in the band so while we’ve been writing constantly, the actual recording of this new record took a little longer than we originally had planned; but I can’t think of a better reason to be late with something.

What has most surprised you about this release so far?

I think what’s surprised us in the past few weeks are the reports as to where our music is being streamed. We’ve had listeners from Australia, Europe, the US and Romania, which is not what a band from Fredericton, New Brunswick expects to have happen.

Could you share with us the meaning behind  "Moonlight"?

Moonlight was written on a stoop in Vancouver about ten years ago. The idea came after I watched “I Am Trying to Break Your Heart” documentary about Wilco. I really live Jeff Tweedy’s lyrics and how often he puts two meanings into the same word.  I thought of the idea of moonlight being a romantic idea but the moon also being a sign of negative or dark thoughts and put those contrasting ideas into a relationship. It’s definitely a song about a type of relationship I’ve seen, but thankfully not one I’ve been in myself.

How has your community inspired the making of your music?

Our community is everything to us. We have a really supportive scene that’s accessible and creative. I feel like we all push each other in a healthy way to be better. I get to play in a band with my best friends.

What's next for you? Have you got any tour dates upcoming? We have some more videos to make so we’re sending our band member Dillon to film a pancake eating contest. More to come in that front. We are heading out through the east coast starting on November 8th in Fredericton then onward. See a few links below.

Written by Auteur Research

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