Jacqueline Loor Brings Music to the Masses with "It's Not On Me"
A Wonderful Way to Start the Weekend

Jacqueline Loor's stunning new single hits the world today in the form of "It's Not On Me." The follow up to her most recent hit making waves "Don't You Pretend," which captured our eyes and ears a couple of weeks ago, Loor is back at it again. 

"It's Not On Me," is an epic and charming piece from the artist who has been quickly creating a name for herself. Taking the reins on the song, you can tell that Loor's creativity flows from start to finish as the piece comes from a seemingly personal and touching place.

Loor, who is an alternative-pop singer-songwriter, has been playing guitar since she picked up the instrument at the age of 19. Creating tracks after every heartbreak, loss and personal event, she noticed over time the vulnerability and honesty in her lyrics would resonate with the world. "It's Not On Me," is the next chapter in the book of Jacqueline Loor and we're eager to hear what's next. Catch the new single, below.


Listen to the "It's Not On Me" in all of its glory, here:

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Written by Freelance Writer

Emily Hinde



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