Mattia Pironti “Don’t Stand a Chance”

In “Don’t Stand a Chance,” the first single from his debut LP Mirror, Mattia Pironti pushes his vocal to the limit and delivers a sensuous pop crossover that is as eroticized by its elegant beats as it is sharply affective through Pironti’s lush lead vocal. Right from the start of his verses, there’s an aggressiveness to his execution that has arguably never been present in his work prior to now, and despite the lack of urgency in the tempo of the song’s intro, we’re immediately entranced by the essence of the rhythm as though everything were moving at warp-speed.


There’s a lot of fluidity to Pironti’s lyrics in “Don’t Stand a Chance,” but I wouldn’t say that his words are the only expressive element in this single. The tension created in the bassline and the adjacent percussion is so communicative on its own that there are moments where it’s creating more of a mood than the verses are, and while the piano parts are shimmering and scattered throughout the track, they add a certain color to the main melody in this song that just wouldn’t be present were it mixed with a looser, uneven production style.


The beats that guide the rhythm in Mattia Pironti’s new release are soft in tone but firm in their rigid arrangement – a contrast that undoubtedly influences how we interpret the narrative of the song altogether. “Don’t Stand a Chance” is a pop single that could mean multiple things to multiple people, but this has virtually nothing to do with the enigmatic quality of the lyrics. Contrarily, I think that whether you hear it as a slice of urban pop or an amped-up R&B crossover will absolutely sway your view of Pironti’s poetry towards the romantic or the elegiac, with very few listeners walking away holding the same opinion about what they’ve just heard.


Mattia Pironti gives up another stellar performance in “Don’t Stand a Chance” that is perhaps his most mature so far, and if it’s any sort of indicator as to what the nucleus of Mirror is going to consist of, this is going to be a very exciting winter for the upstart Canadian songwriter. You can tell that he’s spent a lot of time cultivating his craft in this song, and provided that this same ambitious spirit carries over to the remainder of Mirror’s tracklist, Pironti is going to be embracing a lot more success in the months and years to come.

Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

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