Catching Up with Hip Hop's Rising Star, Benny Sinclair
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Benny Sinclair is an artist for the masses. The Australian native who has been capturing both our eyes and ears,  just released his prominant video "Jungle" from his hot new album release, "Assumptions" which saw the light of day this month. Within everything Benny Sinclair touches is golden; from start to finish with a flow you will not soon forget. We had the absolute honor to sit down with the upcoming legend as he shares the secrets to his music and success.


This year we saw the release of your new record. When writing the new songs, what was your inspiration behind the pieces?

I’m inspired by my life, my experiences, my passion for hip hop & music. Writing lyrics & rapping/ singing is what I do best & I wish to share my messages with the world!

When creating and penning the latest tracks, what artists or influences did you channel?

There is a wide range of artists that have had influences on my style through out this LP, it’s very hard to pin point exactly. I generally take a little something away subliminally from tracks & artists I really feel & then try my best to be creative in my own style & sound!

You seem to be very hands on in the process of your music and songwriting which is GREAT! Can you walk us through the process for the latest release?

Most of the tracks have stemmed from ideas initially. I worked with 6 different producers over this LP who all feel what I’m doing & are comfortable with my style. Sometimes they send through beats that they think will definitely work for me, & sometimes we meet in the studio together & work on the ideas, it varies from track to track. It’s important that I let the music speak to me, before trying to make the ideas fit. Sometimes I hear a beat and a brand new idea pops into my head. It really varied from track to track on this LP. I’m always there working along side my producers in the studio to have my input & influence on the sound we create!


The whole album from start to finish is absolutely brilliant! Can you tell us how you created the idea or concept for the record and how you brought it to life?

This is my 3rd (instalment) solo release in a planned series of 4 LP’s. They are loosely based on my adaptation of the 4 agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. It touches on the good times & not so good times I’ve experienced through out my life, some tracks are written to inspire, some tracks are written to get you up dancing, some tracks are reflective & some tracks are just pure fun & to put a smile on faces. I feel life is like that, we all have our good days & bad days, but life is short & we need to make the most of it, the four agreements has been a good guide as a path to personal freedom and has had its influence in shaping me as an artist! As I feel I’ve lived it, it was easy bringing this to life :)


When writing songs, what key instrument do you start with? Or is it a combination of things?

What stands out to me when I write is the drum beat & the base line, these sounds get me motivated the most & then the melody what ever it may be, like guitar, keyboard or electronic, has an influence on my flow!


When creating the new video, what was the process like? How did you bring your vision to life?

Making ‘Jungle’ was a lot of fun, I really got to express myself & be creative. We used a monkey puppet in one of the scenes that is a representation of my Totem animal the Mandrill, that also explains the image I have used on all my LP covers & for merchandise. In another scene through special effects, we literally bring a poster to life!

With the new songs in tow, how does the songs differ from your prior work? Or who does it feed into the upcoming?

I feel ‘Assumptions’ has a slightly darker edge to my previous work. However I finish the LP on a lighter more uptempo note, paving the way for the 4th instalment, my next LP ‘The Best’!

As we head into 2020, what do you want to accomplish before the year ends? What do you want to accomplish after the New Year?

I’m looking to make my mark on the world wide Hip Hop scene as a serious artist. ‘Assumptions’ is my favourite LP to date & getting exposure & having it heard is my priority heading into 2020. In the New Year I’ll be back in the studio, planning, creating & working on my 4th LP’ The Best’. The title does suggests how I want this LP to sound. I’m looking to collaborate with international artists & producers & all going to plan I will tour internationally.


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Written by Freelance Writer

Emily Hinde



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