Fabrizio Paterlini Unveils the Highly-Anticipated "Transitions" EP, Today
The artist releases another collection of gems for your ears

Today - November 29, 2019 Italian pianist Fabrizio Paterlini releases Transitions, his new EP coming on Memory Recording / Believe Digital label. This lovely EP features Eight new compositions recorded during the live session last July at the spectacular Villa Dionisi in Cerea, in Verona Italy. The tracks of Transitions are part of the project that Paterlini carried out throughout the summer on his Instagram profile, which he named 'Piano MicroStories' - short stories published on the piano almost every day. "How many emotions are you able to experience in one minute?", This is the question he posed to his followers since every composition lasts approximately one minute. 


Transitions was recorded during the summer break of the European tour 'Piano Stories', which saw Paterlini perform in major European cities, with most concerts sold out, demonstrating the recognition by audiences and critics that the talented artist is receiving also outside his home country, Italy. The tour, which will end on December 11 in London, has been through Berlin, Moscow, Madrid, Barcelona and Utrecht, among others. A tour of major cities in the United States is scheduled for the new year .

All of the tracks were recorded using a Yamaha C7 grand piano, modified with a felt strip inserted between the strings and hammers, giving the sound a soft and ethereal dimension, which goes well with the large space

in which it was recorded. The high ceiling (typical of the villas of the time) wrapped the sound in a natural reverberation which is impossible to reproduce digitally. From the first notes, the listener is thrown into a soft and comfortable environment and the notes of Paterlini lo cradle gently, as if suspended in the air.


Here is a rundown of the tracks in Paterlini's own words:



This song is a pure improvisation, played on the day of the recording. The atmosphere of the ancient villa in which we were recording, together with the softness of the sound obtained by the felt mounted between the hammer and the string of the grand piano, led my to discover this unknown territory, in which everything is light and ethereal. The result is in a silky melody, which can only by listened with eyes closed.


This is the first of the seven so-called “microstories” included in the EP. During summer 2019, i have been developing a project on my Instagram - - I wanted to create a constant daily content, showing what I can do best: playing the piano. Since IG limits the time of video to 1 single minute, I thought it was a nice challenge to make this 1 minute songs, complete of all the parts, asking the audience “How many emotions can you feel in one minute?” - the project went really well, and my following increased by 10,000.



This song is based on the rhythm given by the delay pedals I am using - it’s like a conversation, two voices running one after the other. When I am playing this song, I have the feeling that everything around me follow this dance. 


This is one of the first MicroStory I wrote - the story of the title is interesting. When I publish the video of the music, I also release it for free on my Soundcloud account. It happened that a director took this minute of music and used it as background music of a wedding in Istanbul. The result was so nice, I decided to call this song in this way. 


Sometimes I let the music speak to myself in order to see which kind of images I see, while listening. I don’t do this quite often, but this time this led me to this title. 


I perfectly remember when I played this song at the villa in which we recorded the EP: the warm weather, the soft light and the silence all around. The simple sequence of notes in this song, reminds me the soft sound of the fire burning and it seems to me to actually see it, while sparkling around on a hot summer night. 


I think this one of the MicroStory that better represent the project itself: in slightly more than one minute, a full story is told. Beginning, main theme and ending. I love this one, and since I wrote it in summer, it became Summer story! 


Because this is what all is about, isn’t it? We all love this music because it allows us to travel without moving or to be the perfect soundtrack for our lives.

It’s sad, as usual, but, as usual gives a sense of hope.


Listen to Transitions here:


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Written by Freelance Writer

Emily Hinde



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