Jelly Kelly Brings in the Warmth with New Single "Likes for Love"
The right way to kick off your week....

Brooklyn's Jelly Kelly is no one trick pony. The band who unleased their noteworthy single last month "Fun in the Afterlife," is back at it again with their glorious release "Likes for Love."

The track which is taken from their upcoming release, "Fresh Paint" out December 10 shows the instensity and passion of the band. Swirling guitars and dreamy instrumenation bring out the true Indie roots, which lay over a bed of vibrant lyricism that tells a story from start to finish.


Frontman Keith Kelly from the band shares with us about the track:


"Likes for love is pretty much about our narcissism and vapid self indulgence w social media. The value we put into this manufactured identity we create for others to validate and “Like” on a daily basis is complete boring bullshit. We’re missing our lives as we watch other people’s lives thru a device that decides our worth. Cmon!! We’re better than this...
it’s funny sometimes when playing live music and you look out into the crowd and people are watching other people eating food and making duck faces on their phones!"


As the collective is created out of prominant groups in the New York area such as darlings Monogold, Jelly Kelly shows no signs of slowing down in the New Year. We're eager to hear more as Jelly Kelly heats up this cold Winter season.


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Written by Freelance Writer

Emily Hinde



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