Bryan Away: Our Best Kept Secret of 2019
Let's Listen in Closely...
Chicago native Bryan Away has shared his breathtaking new release "Give In," which has had us head over heels for the past few months. As we quickly entered the New Year, Away's music brings a sense of serenity that echoes throughout the release. One of our favorites for 2019, Bryan Away's five-song EP captured our attention with tracks such as "Give In," "Children," and "Birthday Song," which quickly became favorites in our ears. The EP was produced by James McAlister (Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner), who help to craft Bryan's vision into reality. 

Bryan shares of the songs:

I began writing songs in 4th grade, and recording them on a cracked version of cool edit pro my friend's older brother installed on my computer. Throughout middle school and high school I recorded many songs though strangely did not share them with anyone. During this time I pursued a career as an actor having some success, notably playing Ted Danson's son in the TV show Damages, as well as a movie "Brother's Shadow" at Tribecca film festival and many TV and radio commercials ( Though my interest in acting waned after I started college I continued to write music while getting a degree in computer science. Only after graduating did I finally share my music with everyone and release my first album "The Educated Youth". As more time has passed and more musical ideas formed in my mind I realized it was something I must pursue and am currently working on three upcoming releases simultaneously.  

The tracks on the release bring idea of loneliness, isolation and self-reflection to the table, which delights our ears from start to finish. His influences range from Nick Drake to Deerhoof, but at the end of the day, it's Bryan Away's music that speaks for itself. Haunting vocal work and rhythms that intrigue, "Give In" is a notable album that boldly puts Bryan Away on the map.

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Emily Hinde



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