Matinée Raises Its Curtain in Washington DC
The International Party Phenom Debuts in the Nation’s Capital

Matinée’s Pervert: The Pleasure of Darkness promises to be one the biggest and most outrageous events Washington DC’s Mid Atlantic Leather Weekend has ever experienced. The production will feature DJs Cindel and Flavio Zarza spinning beats in dark rooms packed with loads of hunky men.  "It will be a fantastic night where we all get to explore our darkest, most pleasurable fantasies,” says co-producer Q AKA Mother Fantasy.

If you’re not familiar with Mid-Atlantic Leather weekend, it is the annual fetish celebration that takes place every Martin Luther King Jr. weekend in Washington DC.  It attracts thousands from the fetish community and even more curious spectators. 

This year, Europe’s biggest party festival, Matinée, makes it Washington DC debut at the party.  We spoke with the local producer while he was putting the final touches on this weekend’s grand extravaganza.

It is a pretty big deal for Washington DC to host its first ever Matinée event.

Q:  It gives visibility to the capital, not just domestically but also on an international level, letting everyone know that Washington DC’s LGBTQ nightlife is growing.  We’re betting this leads to more tourism, revenue and social benefits for the city.

For those not familiar, what is Matinée?

Q:  Matinée is a leisure production company that specializes in the organization of festivals and events through the world. Matinée Group provides the world’s best DJs, largest parties and most spectacular shows all under one roof and does so in all four corners of the world with its eccentric, eye-catching live shows and wild parties, all of which showcase some of the most talented performers in the world.

It’s more than a club event.  It’s a production.

Q:  Exactly.  Matinée events don’t just pump dance music.  It is all about the awe and extravagance and re-imagining the dance floor experience.

Matinée parties have been held in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, and most recently, in Miami.  Why was now the time for the first DC event?

Q:  It was a combination of factors, primarily the timing being perfect.  My business partner, Hilton Wolman, has a very long association with the brand, dating back ten years.  I had been pitching him to bring the party to my city, Washington, DC. After exchanging ideas, we decided DC’s Mid-Atlantic Leather weekend lined up perfectly with the Matinée “Pervert” brand.  

How are sales?

Q:  One week to the main event and we’re already 75% sold out.  This will be my third year producing an event during MAL weekend. Both of my previous events were completely sold out and we are projecting to do the same this year. 

Is there a secret to your success?

Q:  We work hard to ensure that we create a safe place for everyone -- fetish lovers, leather aficionados, hot men from all over the world – to celebrate the gay male leather culture.  It has existed since the late 1940s and we think it is important to keep the tradition, the culture and the history alive.

Matinée’s “Pervert: The Pleasure of Darkness” takes place Friday, January 17 at Karma DC.  For tickets and additional information, visit

Written by Paul Hutnick

Freelance writer



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