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Fearless Leadership by Alan Weiss

You might think author Alan Weiss will betray signs of exhaustion after over five hundred articles and over sixty books, but Fearless Leadership: Overcoming Reticence, Procrastination, and the Voices of Doubt Inside Your Head proves you wrong. The legendary public speaker and business consultant, a collaborator with some of the business world’s marquee names, scales a new peak with the release of this brief but deeply informative book. Fear is one of the bedrock emotions of human existence, without it we often wouldn’t survive life’s vagaries, but it is likewise wildly misunderstood. Weiss’ Fearless Leadership seeks to unpack this emotion for readers, particularly those in the professional world, and demystify us regarding the myths, preconceptions, and outright fallacies we often attach to it.

The book contains eight chapters and Weiss employs a systematic, methodical approach to tackling the subject. There is a wealth of graphics and research included in the book but the largest portion of Fearless Leadership relies on Weiss taking the information he presents to readers and extrapolating from it his own theories and points of view. His logic and reasoning throughout the book is difficult to refute. He often takes long standing concepts and expands on them with the sort of confidence born out of extensive experience seeing how fear can undermine even the most energetic and creative executives


Though he deviates from it at various points, he builds each of the book’s eight chapters in similar fashion – there are case studies included in many and sections carried over from one chapter to the next. The internal consistency underpinning Fearless Leadership makes it an even more satisfying reading experience. Another strong suit of the book is, despite its deliberate construction, it isn’t necessary to read it from beginning to end in order to realize its riches. Readers can open the text to areas relevant to their present situation and discover valuable insights without feeling compelled to tackle the book from cover to cover.

He writes with great confidence throughout the book. You never sense any uncertainty, but Weiss never comes across as arrogant. Instead, his confidence emboldens readers to see the wisdom of his points of view and arguments without ever feeling like he has a strident attitude. Despite his own personal success as a speaker and business consultant, Weiss comes across as someone invested in the success of his clients and readers alike.

The book is brief, but it didn’t need to be longer. Weiss’ keen intellect and instinct for detail leaves nothing important out for readers to mull over and his expansive views on the subject mean his observations not only carry great validity in the professional world, but the personal as well. It is, of course, natural that our professional behaviors are likely bleeding over into our everyday personal lives and possibly with the same consequences, if not worse. Fearless Leadership: Overcoming Reticence, Procrastination, and the Voices of Doubt Inside Your Head is a compact and informative look at an age old subject and Weiss brings fresh eyes to the topic that ensures this book will be read for many years to come.

Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

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