Brady Novotny's "Passions Collide" Brings Some Of The Best Sounds Of 2020

No matter what you pick to listen to when you go to a music streaming service, you are undeniably hearing an artist’s passion poured into every second of each song. This sentiment could not sum up Brady Novotny’s latest project, Passions Collide, any better. The title is quite literal as his influences of rock, flamenco, and jazz often collide on the ten-track project to create some of the most unique guitar music to date. The lead single, “Redemption’s Cry,” oozes elements of rock and is complete with a haunting melody. Other singles for the project like the title track show Novotny’s signature flair that he brings to the instrumental, sounding both poised and energetic through his playing style. “Ancient Romance” shows just how frenetic the instrumentalist can get while channeling the energy of the 1980s he studied for so long. No matter what, the sounds coming from this album are some of the best in 2020!

--Carlos Montoya

Written by MTS Management Group

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