Joseph Pagano breaks new ground

Joseph Pagano breaks new ground of his own between EDM, R&B and Pop music by combining the two with great results on his single, “Take Me.” The Jersey based songwriter has been around and is no stranger to the industry, but he is coming back from a five-year break. The result is a great effort to get right back to where he started, and “Take Me” goes a long way in proving that. It’s also not easy to just slip right back into the public consciousness with EDM either, as it thrives on the constantly new, but Pagano makes it look very easy.

This simplicity comes from knowing his way around a tune and where to place hooks, and EDM is usually not songwriter oriented as much as beat and rhythm tracked. In fact, it’s hard to categorize beyond techno factors and being formulated for the dance floor. But Pagano takes a more mainstream approach and wins the entire game by tastefully combining it with some musicality. It seems to be a young artists game, so his approach brings it into more of an adult contemporary lane but at the same time it contains a world of freshness for both EDM and Pop music lovers.

The synth, lyrics/vocals and beat are all well arranged and produced with a sheer flawlessness Pagano’s fans have come to expect, and the way he crafts a song is already a given, as well as already having some EDM style roots dating back to the 80s. This isn’t some newcomer on the block, so to speak, but it’s not old music by any means either. It’s a cutting edge track that Pagano himself has even mentioned the idea of a rock version being possible in the future. “Take Me” has more potential than meats the eye when that is the case.


This is not just a track to dance to, as already indicated, it’s on another level, one in which Pagano can be proud. It’s like a runway to a brand new start, as the lyrics indicate, although in the romantic sense, but it’s all the same at the end of a good song, which EDM is less steeped in than what Pagano does with it, and the synth work really does the business. Not only can you dance to it, but you can leave it on loop and just listen as well, because of the great crossover appeal.

“Take Me” also compliments Pagano’s prior existing works, as it grooves on the same level and blends right into his background as if five years went by in a flash. It’s all about looking for better ways to the heart and getting out of the static ruts. Looking for solace in love and passion instead of negativity, but it’s not as deep as I make it out to be, it’s just that lyrics with meaning in EDM music always helps. That’s what impresses me most about this outstanding track with as much Pop chart as club play accessibility going for it as I’ve ever heard.

Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

We do music reviews for Independent Artists and Publicists.



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