Giulia Takes To Instagram To Post Stunning Ed Sheeran Cover Song

On Sunday, singer-songwriter Giulia took to Instagram to post a stunning take on a classic Ed Sheeran cover. 

Following the success of her sultry alt pop release ‘Trippin’, Italian enigma Giulia now returns with its accompanying music video, an intergalactic exploration of love and desire. Set in space, the video features cosmic visuals, spaceship motifs, and Giulia’s commandingly enthralling stage presence.

However this time it is not an original song Giulia has released, but an Ed Sheeran cover of ‘Thinking Out Loud’. Posting the video to Instagram, Giulia can be seen to be casually sitting inside of an apartment all the whilst belting out the heart-rendering lyrics to Sheeran’s single. 

Have a peek at the cover here. 

Written by Penelope Parker

Penelope Parker



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