Rachael Sage Releases Title Track ‘Character’ Ahead Of Forthcoming Album

With esteemed singer Rachael Sage currently hitting the road with Howard Jones in the States, what better time to release some new music. This time track ‘Character’ taken from Sage’s record is the song in the spotlight. 


This change in tone from her upbeat songs for the artist who has battled with uncertainty and fear this past year in the wake of a life-changing cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery period. 


The song deals with the self-doubt and rigid determination which has to be found and developed during such a trying time. This new video is a brilliant exploration of internal struggles and promoting this song using a lyric video was truly an inspired move. Following Rachael’s words across the screen give off the slightly uncanny effect of being in the same room as her therapy session, or at the very least, a self-led pep talk in the mirror before she turns to face another day.


With such a bold release under her belt, Rachael Sage’s ‘Character’ is a song not to be missed.


Put your headphones in and give 'Character' by Rachael Sage a spin below. 

Written by Penelope Parker

Penelope Parker



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