Moon Panda share Tarantino-noir single "Rick F***in Dalton"
Moon Panda have signed to Fierce Panda Records and announced a new EP
Moon Panda by Alice Humphreys

Dream-pop duo Moon Panda have shared new single 'Rick F***in Dalton', announced their signing to the aptly named indie stalwarts Fierce Panda Records, and announced the release of a new EP entitled 'MAKE WELL' for June 19th.

For Moon Panda (Californian songwriter/bassist Maddy Myers and Danish guitarist Gustav Moltke), 2020 is a year when honesty has become inescapable. At first their instinct had been to try and separate their relationship from their music, but now the pair are being open about the inextricable link between their marriage and their work as Moon Panda. The 'MAKE WELL' EP sees them reflect on where they are, what has happened along the way, and what needs to happen before they can look towards the future.

"All in all it’s about healing, both together and by ourselves. It’s been the toughest year yet. But we’ve been together, and that’s something", says Myers.

First single from it, 'Rick F***in Dalton', was written after viewing the latest Tarantino film 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood'. Myers explains, "It’s really inspired by the vibe of that film, about wanting to take the one you love most with you and hit the open road, sea, sky, wherever. Just, freedom."

In their case, having time with the one you love has been easier said than done. "We’ve had (and continue to have) a hell of a time staying in the same country," Myers continues, "spending many months apart with no clue when we’ll be able to be together again has been a huge part of both our relationship and our music."

To Moon Panda, these difficulties felt mirrored by some of the wider issues in the world at the moment, "breaking into pieces and putting up walls.Tearing apart people that should be able to be together."

Having toured throughout the UK and Denmark, including notable shows supporting the Japanese House, Slow Club and Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, the Moon Panda live show is a supple, sensuous delight.

Moon Panda were due to play 4 shows at SXSW 2020. You can read an interview with label manager of Fierce Panda, Chris Wilson, talking to Music Week about the effect of the cancellation, here.

Pre-order the 'MAKE WELL' EP here.

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