Allegra is back in the studio!
The teenage songstress has teased studio pictures on her Instagram stories.

Allegra, previously of ‘All About Us’ fame, might now be following up her dance-pop hit with something new, as she posted some photos of a (presumably, socially distanced) trip to the recording studio on her Instagram stories. 


Having teased us a few days ago with captions describing a meeting between her and her team to discuss new musical ventures, could it be that Allegra has already managed to make true on that promise? Only time will tell.


‘All About Us’ was a catchy pop hit which showed Allegra to be mature and wise beyond her years with the lyrics reflecting her ability to prioritise the ones she loves above anything else life might throw her way. 


We can't wait to hear what the follow up might sound like! Here's the video for 'All About Us' in case you need a memory refresh...


Written by Penelope Parker

Penelope Parker



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