B.E.N. Brings The Goods on New Record
We are DEFINITELY Hooked!

There’s a lot of new music in the world right now, and it’s hard to choose what hits the soul just right. Look no further then B.E.N. the experimental project of musician Benjamin Williams who is taking the world by storm. In the current state of the world, he offers up a sound that brings elements of hope into our eyes.

This year saw the release of B.E.N.’s most recent release “How To Live Without Being Controlled By the Past,” which grabbed my attention within the first listen. B.E.N. is no one trick pony as the album takes the best parts of Jazz, Ambient, Hip Hop, Folk and Experimental and creates a sound your ears have surely not heard before. 11 songs fill the album, each flowing gracefully into the next. 

Listen to the record via Spotify:

At 41 minutes long, this feels like a REAL record; something that I myself have missed the past few years. Opening with the track "Eating Egg Whites and Hoping the Building Doesn't Collapse," is a strong beginning, and B.E.N. keeps the party going with hit after hit. Songs like "Tell Me You Love Me You Don't Have to Mean It" and "I'm Not An Evil Person; I'm Just Not Very Imagainative,"  will have you completely and utterly obsessed. This will only be the start of your B.E.N. obsession though as each song does not disappoint. The music creates a spark and ignites a flame inside B.E.N. which you'll find carries over to you.  

"How To Live Without Being Controlled By The Past” is a nicely-crafted release that will stand the test of time. If you haven’t checked it out already, jump on the Spotify train and discover a whole new world of B.E.N.

Written by Freelance Writer

Emily Hinde



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