T3TRA Shares Her Story with the World
Catching up with the melodic songstress
T3TRA is a San Fran artist on the rise. That artist, also known as Tess Dunn, is creating music on her own terms, enlightens and delights with her new singles "Ohmygod." and "Yours." Dunn has overcome more obstacles in her young life than most of us will ever face, and through it all she brings a bold and captivating story to the table. Already a touring recording artist by her early teens, T3TRA is the culmination of years of honing her craft. We had the distinct honor of catching up with T3TRA, which you can dive into, below.

This year we see the release of a few new tunes, in particular "Ohmygod.". When writing the new track, what was your inspiration behind it? What drove you both musically and lyrically?

Ohmygod. is about that moment you lock eyes with someone and feel that spark. No words necessary - you look, and you just know something is there. I had this happen, and we had a quick chat waiting for our cars, and then we went on our ways. Lyrically, I wanted to tell the story of that encounter - that spark, and then the immediate aftermath after the conversation. Musically, I wanted something upbeat to match the adrenaline during these encounters. And I kept it in a minor key to emphasize that attraction.

When creating and penning the latest song, what artists or influences did you channel?

Funny enough, I was channeling Taylor Swift! Her album, "reputation," is an incredible electropop record, and I love it to pieces. She’s very good at painting pictures with her lyrics, so I tried to emulate her storytelling abilities.

You seem to be very hands on in the process of your music and songwriting which is GREAT! Can you walk us through the process for the latest release?

I am so hands on - I’m very bad at letting go of my own things. For this release, I messed around in the recording software, Logic. I then sent over the rough to my producer, Jake Ward, aka the only person I will ever trust with my music. He took the song and polished it, and we went a little back and forth about certain moments throughout. He chose the effect on my vocals, which matches the musical, dramatic aspects of the first verse and chorus, as well as the bridge.

When you have a concept for a song, how do you execute it? What comes first? The lyrics, the music, or do they work hand in hand?

Lyrics almost always come first. I’m a writer first and foremost - always have been. I write prose on a regular basis, and sometimes I’ll pull from those poems to use in a song. However, recently I’ve been creating music and beats in Logic and then writing lyrics. It’s a way to keep me on my toes and challenge myself every now and then. But yeah, lyrics are the start 95% of the time.

With the new song in tow, how does the song differ from your prior work? Or does it feed into a new realm for you as an artist?

This is the first single off of my next EP, “Cry It Out on the Dance Floor,” which comes out in July. I didn’t intend for this to happen, but all of the songs have this cinematic feel. I can envision them in movies. Especially Ohmygod. Jake did an amazing job collaborating on it with me.

As 2020 is off to a running start, what surprises do you have up your sleeve in terms of music, videos, and additional releases this year; especially in the current realm of things?

I kind of maybe sort of accidentally told you in the previous question that my next EP is coming in July! I have music videos coming for each song, the artwork is done, and I’m doing some cool giveaways once the release gets closer. And I’m constantly working on new music, so who knows - maybe even more will come out. Time will tell….


Listen in here:


Written by Freelance Writer

Emily Hinde



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