Dallas String Quartet are back with new Single/Video

Dallas String Quartet continues to choose music that is timely and in many ways, the music chooses them. In DSQ’s latest track, “Better Days”, the Texas-based instrumentalists take on One Republic’s pop classic. This upbeat and inspiring tune is perfect for the summer heat. 


Violinist Ion Zanca started DSQ 2007. Romanian-born, Zanca, moved to Dallas to attend Southern Methodist University, and after working weddings and other events, his quartet soon discovered fans craved the plugged-in and rock cover songs like Guns N Roses in their sets. Joining Zanca in the group include musicians from South Korea and California. DSQ has over 30 million streams on Spotify nearly 150-thousand monthly listeners. DSQ’s cover of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” has garnered over three million streams alone. “Better Days” follows the Dua Lipa cover “Don’t Start Now” (May 2020). 

“Better Days” is plush with radiant violin strings – three violinists lead the way for music bed to have appearances from drums and a bass guitar. The violins dance along, bolstering the listener with their stirring melodies. The combined sound is a powerful tool in itself, and once the bass guitar hits, like great bass guitar players often do, it’s an invisible force. It’s timing is perfect, and the ideal undertow to a merry song. The percussion is more jazz arranged. It sort of tip-toes its way at first, with just a few cymbals being smashed. And then like the rays of light coming from the violins, the percussion showers the listener with the same warmth and sunlight. Guided by the violins, the drums and the bass guitar add just the right accoutrements to an already stunning outing. 


To supplement the chorus (oh, I know that there'll be better days/ Oh, that sunshine 'bout to come my way/ may we never ever shed another tear for today/ ‘cause oh, I know that there'll be better days), DSQ once again utilize the power of the violins to create a dramatic amplification. It’s as if the sky were opening up; it’s arms embracing the entire world. While there are no lyrics in this instrumental track – no need for the listener to not hum along or insert their own fairy tale. Lose yourself in the music and escape to the world of your choosing. Fans that love the One Republic track will not be disappointed. DSQ ascends “Better Days” into the heavens and makes its listeners all believers. It’s a sincere tap of the hat to the original, but at its core, it’s a true DSQ track that dazzles the listener’s ears with a wonderful blend of classical, jazz and modern music. 

The accompanying music video for “Better Days” takes place on a bright, sunny day in a prairie field. It’s a perfect depiction of the images that came across my imagination while listening. The musicians are performing, and in between orchestration, they are playing tag (American) football, kicking a soccer ball around and living it up during a gorgeous day. Lots of smiling and running and enjoying life – this video is contagious! (Video credit goes to

Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

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