Red Flower Lake Delight with New Release
A beautifully crafted piece for 2020

The most recent addition to our project rotation playlist comes from a musical duo, Red Flower Lake, made up of Abel Okugawa Wright and Rahima von Briesen. Through the love they have created with each other, the couple transforms those energies into sonic bliss. 


Listen in via Spotify:


Their most recent release comes in the form of their three track EP, entitled, “Three Truths.” The project is not named carelessly, in fact with each track, the listener begins to understand what the three truths actually are, and although the artists very clearly intended for it to be a personal journey for each listener, we can’t help but feel overwhelmed in the best way with how articulate and artistic this duo really is.


“I’ll give you everything, I’ll give you my soul.” Our favorite track on the EP is called, “Baby, Don’t Go.” The song has such incredible elements added to it, that it brings us into a music trance once the vocals hit. There is so much emotion in the vocals that it is hard to imagine Wright and von Briesen didn’t write this from personal experience.



The group recently shared of the track:

"Baby Don’t Go is inspired by our love. The song exposes the complexity of relationships. It speaks to how simple acts (like  “one more kiss” , or “flowers on my birthday”) can bring us back into the vibration of love.   When we find ourselves on the edge, (the stakes are always high) we choose to go deeper, fall harder, love bigger.  We learn over and over that we have not yet given everything we have to give, we can go deeper, we can refine our communication, our vibration.   The thought of living without love is unbearable.  When all hope is gone, and we feel at the end of the road, “one more kiss” can bring us a flood of feelings and we learn to love again.  This song is about our relationship. How – when we feel like the end is near, or something is ready to emerge – we can lean in toward each other. One kiss can change everything. Our souls are awakened by leaning into our truth together and the mysterious journey continues."

Without giving away the entirety of the EP, Red Flower Lake has layered their project with incredible vocals, poetry- inspired lyrics, and addicting instrumentals. The way the beat comes into “Brave” with a subtle, yet hard- to- miss appearance, as well as the incredible intro into “Heart is Breaking” is why we have fallen in love with this duo and their EP.


Connect with Red Flower Lake:

Written by Freelance Writer

Emily Hinde



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