Tera Bang® of AVTR Drops Animated New Video for "All About Me"
Diving into the future with an up-and-coming superstar

Tera Bang® takes us into the wild with the futuristic new release "All About Me," today, making a worldwide premiere. A member of the groundbreaking all-girl music group AVTR®, the music will connect with you in ways you didn't even know were possible.


Let's set the stage for the animated lyric video:

'All About Me,’ showcases Tera modeling several up-cycled outfits in support of the sustainable fashion movement. Tera wears three different outfits designed and sold by upcycled fashion company tHERAPY Recycle and Exorcise.

The song's lyrics describe a hardworking young woman by opening with ‘calling in sick in the morning, cos tonight I want to play’ then ‘every day and night I know how to put the work in so today I’ll make it rain.’ It then moves onto a chorus ‘it’s all about me’ and we gain a sense of female empowerment with ‘just relax, be cool and act like you’re the one who makes the rules.' 

The production is upbeat and infectious with attention-grabbing vocals and a punchy bassline mixed with guitar vibes, creating the perfect ‘Girls Night Out’ anthem for any occasion.

Tera's solo track is the launching point of amazing things to come from the 3D virtual girl band AVTR; who will be a name to put on your radar immediately. The group will also showcase members Amaya Rush®, Valentina Verse®, and Ryda Rhymes® in the coming months as the vision comes to life.

The vibrant and captivating song brings elements of uptempo and energetic bliss to the dance floor...even from the comfort of your pandemic living room setup. The smooth, Candy-Pop melody and classic Pop feel of the track will have you on cloud 9 as it whisks you away from start to finish; leaving you craving more of the AVTR experience and sound.

Since Tera’s appearance with the other AVTR group members at Helsinki Fashion Week 2020, Tera is taking up the cause of sustainable fashion. 

The first of its kind, AVTR is on the rise, and ready to make an impact on the world. Get acquainted with Tera Bang® and AVTR and not only see, but hear the future.


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Written by Freelance Writer

Emily Hinde



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