Eric Selby Shares "Another Page"
A beautifully crafted song for your ears

Eric Selby’s career spans decades of incredible drumwork and production, and his expansion into his own solo work is a continual example of his musicianship. Spending years playing drums for many famous recording artists, Selby’s jump into his independent music journey truly shows his knowledge and experience in music. His single, Another Page, is an intricate combination of psychedelic rock, funk, and blues unlike anything else I’ve heard in recent years. This song is like taking a trip back to the 60s. Opening with a soft acoustic guitar line, and then immediately hit with an incredibly catchy funk bassline, the contrast in this song is a perfect way to convey the lyrics which he is singing. The haunting harmonies are beautifully placed throughout the verses with perfect timing, which cause the harmonies in the chorus to have even more of an impact. His soft spoken vocals create an almost eerie yet calming feeling throughout the piece, against the crunchy lead guitar fills, the two are perfect counterparts.



Eric Shares of the track;

I grew up listening to The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Dandy Warhols, XTC, Brian Wilson and Radiohead, to name a few. I was always intrigued how these bands used and even maximized production in conveying the message of the music as much as with the instruments themselves. Because of this, many of my tunes incorporate this same mindset. If used creatively, I think the additional noises, vibes and tones that are layered into the song can really help deliver the “feels” that I think can be important in conveying the mood. “Another Page” is a good example of how I, along with my amazing producer Marco Delmar, use production creatively to convey a mood.


The way Another Page flows perfectly from section to section is truly astonishing. Despite the difference between the intro, verses, chorus and solo, it’s never jarring. Everything feels perfectly placed and surrounded by the ambiance of droning guitars and bells. The scattered piano and organ lines, as well as guitar fills add beautiful responses to the vocals, filling in gaps flawlessly. The song has so many layers but never feels overwhelming. Of course, being Eric Selby, the percussion work is outstanding. Very minimal drums in the verses with an incredible fill sending you into the rousing chorus. By using many percussion elements throughout the piece, like the cowbell, shaker and tambourine, it creates a build of excitement to the final chorus. Another Page truly is an incredible composition. One of 8 singles released by Selby this year, he truly is a force to be reckoned with. If you’re looking for a trip back to the psychedelic days of Pink Floyd and The Doors, I highly recommend listening to Eric Selby’s Another Page.

Written by Freelance Writer

Emily Hinde



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