Head Over Heels for Gilli Moon and "A Beautiful Mess"
Discovering your new favorite artist...

It’s been 10 years since Gilli Moon has dropped new music and she returns triumphantly today with Not just one, but two  albums, the first is out now. Get ready for an aural binge listening experience with 12 songs now and another 12 coming in 4 weeks.  This is her  8th studio album release. The majority of songs are self-penned, but feature a few co-writers, and a couple of feisty covers done her way. 


Since her U.S. debut in 2000, Gilli Moon has won 20+ international songwriting awards, published 3 books, built the world's largest non-profit social media platform for over 50,000 songwriters, and built a 100,000+ following of her own artistry. She is a self-made brand.


The track we immediately fell in love with is “Fire” as it’s a delightful pop banger that showcases her powerful voice and if you work out or run you should not hesitate to add this to your move playlist immediately.  Here is what Gilli had to say about “Fire” in her own words:


“This song is about truly honoring your passion and sensuality. It's a song about 'wanting' and being uninhibited in sharing your feelings for someone. It's the 1st single of my new album release, beautiful mess - vol 1. I really love the beat. I’m inspired more and more lately with EDM and this has just enough of that mixed with pop and always my alternative twist.”

Written by Freelance Writer

Emily Hinde



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