Eric Selby is out of this World with "Orbit"
We're Hooked!

Widely recognized for his prior achievements and group performances, Eric Selby does an exemplary job on his new solo tracks of showing us that his success was not an accident. The drums that initiate “Orbit” instantly grab your attention, but when you close your eyes and let the melody resonate you feel the urge to try and calculate all of the hypothetical/what if scenarios that life has put you through up to this point. 


What is so unique about this song is that it has a way of feeling relaxing and careless while also striking deep and truly touching those who are able to relate to his lyrics. Selby’s ability to relax listeners with his production while simultaneously providing an applicable and somewhat serious message through his lyrics and word play is, simply put, stimulating.


If people that are alive can be reincarnated then Eric Selby may as well be Jack Johnson. Between his country style guitar riffs and his soothing voice his music puts listeners in a state of pure calm. Selby makes you want to wake up, grab a cup of coffee, throw his music on shuffle, and spend an hour on the porch while deeming it “self-care”.

Written by Freelance Writer

Emily Hinde



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